An application has been made to create a ‘Mega Quarry’ which will be the second largest open pit mine in North America right here in Ontario between Orangeville and Collingwood.
This 2700 acre ‘Mega Quarry’ could seriously and adversely affect the water, the landscape, the community, surrounding agriculture land use, and with the potential to cause disastrous environmental scenarios in Ontario for decades.
The ‘Mega Quarry’ is in a location that is recognized as one of the primary sources for water recharge feeding the Nottawasaga and Grand Rivers . Tampering with this water could affect over a million people who are downstream from and served by these watercourses.
This application is being made by The Highland Group of Companies, owned and operated by a Hedge Fund from Boston
The company bought over 8,000 acres of prime agricultural land stating that their original intent was to create the biggest potato farming operation in Ontario only to turn around and apply for an application for this ‘Mega Quarry’

About us

We are not anti Quarry.
We are concerned as parents, people and citizens of Ontario. We want to ensure that our environment and communities are being protected against outside forces that do not have a stake in our children’s future or in the future of our Province.

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